Gong Time Gong Time - Comedy Lounge
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Dave Callan, Rove McManus and dancers
Rove McManus
Phatcave with Tom Gleeson
Joel Creasey
Dave Callan dancing
Six In The City with Peter Rowsthorn
Phatcave with Hughesy Dave Hughes
Fiona McLaughlin
Phatcave with Arj Barker
Sami Shah

Gong Time

A fast-paced series of fresh acts out to impress the crowd and judge, or be gonged!

Gong Time

Bring your funny to the stage. Here’s your 3 minutes of fame.

You’ll have up to 3 minutes on stage – but can be gonged off early. You’ve got 30 seconds immunity, so roll the punchlines fast! Some spots will be familiar, some will be wild, and some will be wet behind the ears — but all we want is to see you share good humour, see smiles, and hear laughter!

Featuring as the first half at Live Laughs on Thursdays. With professional MC and second half headliners, you’re sure to be surprised and laughing!

From April 2018, Gong Time has grown up into it’s own full feature show: The Gong Show. On Thursday every week at Comedy Lounge Perth City.


Double your chances for stage time

  • Some places will initially be offered to those that have registered online. We can only consider offering you a spot ahead of the show if you’ve registered online for preferred show date(s). We will contact about 6 entrants to secure a place in the line-up.
  • Additional spots will be available for those who register interest at the door. Simply introduce yourself when you arrive.