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Jon Pinder

Vibrant observational comic bounding with energy

A favourite at the lounge, Jon Pinder is a RAW Comedy national finalist, tattooist and looks like a reject from an Oasis tribute band.

Did You Miss Jon Pinder?

Friday Night At The Comedy Lounge (Channel 9)

Friday 22 May @ 8:30 pm

Some of the world’s best stand-up comedians are set to bring you a night of laugh-out-loud comedy in a special television event like you’ve never seen before! Catch it on Channel 9, Friday 22nd May!

Lounge Laughs: Episode 1 (WATCH ONLINE NOW)

Sunday 31 May @ 12:00 am

In this first Best Of The West episode, see an all star Perth cast that includes Jon Pinder, Andrew Wolfe, Rory Lowe and Mickey J!