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Sian Choyce

Clever beauty and local radio host

Sian Choyce has been performing stand up comedy in Perth for 5 years. She premiered her debut solo show, Pro-Choyce at FringeWorld 2015 to sold out crowds.

She has performed across the country, most recently in Sydney and was a part of the Biggest Comedy Show on Earth for Perth Comedy Festival in 2015. She has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and opened for US comedian, Doug Stanhope in Perth on his Australian Tour and Matt Okine for his 2016 Perth Comedy Festival show.

While standup is her first love (well, not first but let’s not talk about that) she briefly hosted TV show on WestTV called Live Twist and is currently co-hosting Sitcom with Brendan Ellis on Thursday nights on 89.7 TwinCitiesFM. She also stars in the web series Angry Man alongside actor/comedian Ben Sutton.