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Suns of Fred

Singing dancing stunt-performing boyband comic hero trio

Join Suns of Fred for a very animated rollercoaster of fast-hitting live comedy! Talk about a triple threat in entertainment. More than a male cabaret trio, these boys have saturated comedy over song and dance acts – using a keen sense of timing, expanding on physical comedy stunts, and hooking in on highly relatable experiences to engross sell-out crowds. Each of their personalities clearly stands out, and their long history as friends accounts for some great gag moments. Their playful, energetic and inviting comradery raptures audiences. They are gaining renown quickly as the must see live comedy group from Perth, having performed Australia-wide and internationally.

Suns of Fred met in school – Sly and Fox befriended in grade 2, then came Mickey J in grade 11 aka 1997. First as a boyband in high school, they evolved to a motown tribute group before gracing comedy with their antics. They have regularly toured Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne comedy festivals; plus performed at several charity events and galas alongside the likes of Dave Hughes, Fiona O’Loughlin and Sammy J and Randy. Winning the Next Gen Award at the 2012 Perth International Comedy Festival, they hit London for Edinburgh Fringe 2014.


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